April 2012

Eating berries may stave off memory decline

New study shows that berries may prolong your cognitive abilities

One of the most terrifying prospects of old age is the thought that my mind might go before the rest of me does. I don't much fear dying--hey, we've all got to do it sometime--but the idea of hanging around in a weird, half-conscious limbo where I'm alive but don't recognize any of the people I used to love is really, really scary. I'm the all or nothing sort. I'd rather just peace out in a sudden car crash than wither away with a slowly emptying brain. 

The mechanisms by which brains decay are not 100% understood, but it's generally accepted that mental stimulation works much in the same way physical exercise does: you can do it often to prevent atrophying. Sudoku puzzles, crosswords and FreeCell can all help to stave off the effects of diseases like Alzheimer's. Turns out they're not the only things, either. A new study indicates that a diet rich in berries might help you hold on to your senses for longer.