December 2011

The Health Benefits of Coffee

While most individuals know that tea has antioxidants that make it healthy to drink, most don’t know that coffee also has several health benefits. I currently drink one cup of coffee per day, but I know others who drink much more than this. I thought it would be interesting to research what the benefits of coffee actually are, and how many cups per day it takes to receive these benefits.

Time's Food Trends of 2011

Foraging, pre-prohibition drinks, and New Vegetarians.

Time magazine has released some really excellent Top 10 lists for 2011. These lists help you reminiscence about the amazing year, or make you glad that we're almost out of it. One of the most interesting lists out of the bunch is the one on Food Trends. Time's trends are not necessarily restaurant-based, as are many of the lists we see, but instead focus on food growth and importation processes. Let's take a look at some of Time's top Food Trends of 2011:   

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

My daughter’s body doesn’t regulate its body temperature in the way that it was designed to. This means that my daughter doesn’t spend much time outside during the summer and winter months when temperatures are extreme. During one of her routine blood draws, it was discovered that she was deficient in vitamin D. This could be because of the lack of exposure to the sun, or because her seizure drugs deplete her body of vitamin D. Either way, I began giving her a vitamin D supplement. This vitamin actually benefits your body in a number of ways.

Choose Ground Turkey Over Ground Beef

"The next step in obtaining good health is to use the ground turkey in a recipe."

I use to watch the reality show The Biggest Loser. On that show the contestants ate ground turkey, but never ground beef. I began investigating and found that ground turkey is much leaner than ground beef, yet still provides much needed protein. Of course, it is important that you purchase ground turkey that is both organic and grass fed if you want to keep harmful antibiotics and pesticides from entering your body.

Sneak in Those Vegetables

"Bacon is also another good weapon to use to entice your children to eat their vegetables."

It is a well known fact that vegetables should make up the majority of your dinner plate, but children often don’t appreciate that their parents are trying to feed them a healthy and nutritious meal. Vegetables get refused, and sometimes even spit out. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to sneak the vegetables into your child’s meals.