November 2011

All Natural Sleep Aids

I first began researching all-natural sleep aids when my disabled child had trouble sleeping. Unfortunately, not being able to sleep is common among children with her syndrome. Many doctor prescribed sleep aids cause dependency, and since my daughter will likely have trouble sleeping for the rest of her life, I do not want to use prescription drugs. I was happy to discover the safe alternatives.

Quick, Delicious Apple Crisp

This morning my husband made homemade apple crisp for Sunday breakfast and it was absolutely delicious. I have now requested that it be a Sunday tradition, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work out since we don’t always have apples around. With a new Aldi’s store in town, we can buy an entire bag for less than $3, though, so we just might!

To begin, he sliced three apples into thin pieces, then mixed them with flour, cinnamon, and sugar. You don’t need much of these—maybe two tablespoons of flour and an equal amount of sugar, with a dash of cinnamon. You could probably add any other seasonings that you like—nutmeg, maybe, or allspice—as well as something wet. Our crisp is a bit on the drier side, so you might want to add some caramel if you like yours to be nice and gooey.

U.S. Congress: Frozen Pizza Is A Vegetable

Public schools can now skirt USDA nutrition rules by continuing to serve frozen crap.


he U.S. Congress has recently announced that frozen pizza is a vegetable. “Wha?!,” you say? According to the U.S. government, the tomato paste on frozen pizzas is now considered a serving of vegetables in the context of public school lunches. This is after food companies Schwan and ConAgra spent over $5 million in lobbying on Capitol Hill to make sure that their bottom line was hurt by new USDA guidelines. The guidelines, which stated that school lunches would need more fresh fruits and vegetables served in public schools, would mean that schools would need to shift their priorities away from purchasing bulk frozen foods from mega-producers and more toward local companies. As is often the case, Congress handed down a decision that shamelessly serves corporate interests.

Foods That Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation can occur in so many different parts of the body. I began experiencing it inside my ears, which caused them to ring constantly. On top of that, they began to itch relentlessly in the middle of the night. Instead of rushing to the doctor’s office, I decided to investigate the foods that reduce inflammation within the body. Changing my diet not only got rid of the inflammation, but it also saved me a boat load of money by not having to incur medical bills.

Health Benefits of Raw Cheese

"Raw cheese actually has good bacteria in it that is capable of fighting off bad bacteria."

Raw cheese comes from grass-fed cows that are not given antibiotics to prevent bacterial infections, or hormones to beef the cows up. This type of cheese has so many more benefits than processed cheese that attention needs to be given to it. The only downside to purchasing raw cheese is its cost, however, the money you will be saving in doctor’s bills from remaining healthy makes up for it.

What Is Super Blue-Green Algae?

Super blue-green algae is harvested from the wild and processed carefully and in a way that does not harm the natural nutrients and minerals contained within it. It is different than most blue algae you buy because most blue green algae sold is actually cultivated under man-made conditions which radically changes the nutrient and mineral composition. Artificial cultivation also has the potential to introduce harmful or less desirable elements into the blue-green algae powder that you buy.