Emergen-C Packets: A Must Have

Emergen-C Packets: A Must Have

Germs are spreading like wildfire in my hometown, as well as towns across the United States this winter. I find myself addicted to using hand sanitizer everywhere I go. I also try to combine errands so that I am not spending any more time than need be out in public. With a society of individuals who believe they shouldn’t stay home when they are sick, I must do all I can to boost my immune system. That is why I have begun to use Emergen-C packets.

I first discovered Emergen-C when I was visiting my local GNC store. The packets were on sale so I decided to grab an entire box of them. I thought my kids would enjoy drinking the vitamin C rather than chewing on a tablet that tastes sour. Not only did my kids enjoy it, but I found that I preferred it to any other type of vitamin C.

What you may not realize is that each Emergen-C packet contains not only 1,000 mg of vitamin C, but it also houses 24 nutrients, 7 different B vitamins, powerful antioxidants, and electrolytes. This concoction is sure to help prevent me from picking up many of the germs that are swirling around my county.

There are several flavors of the Emergen-C powder to choose from. Today I am using the cranberry-pomegranate flavor, but you can choose between that and eleven other flavors. Some of these include raspberry, pink lemonade, dragon fruit, tropical berry, mangos teen, super orange, and lemon-lime.

Every time my water bottle reaches the half-empty mark, I open a packet of Emergen-C and dump it in. You can use it in a full-sized water bottle as well, but I enjoy the flavor much more when there is only 8 oz. of water in my bottle.