Utilize Whole Foods Market’s Website

Utilize Whole Foods Market’s Website

Whole Foods Market is known for selling only organic and all-natural products. This chain has stores set-up all across America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Unfortunately for me, the nearest Whole Foods Market is about an hour and a half away. I’d love to get a petition together to get one of these grocery stores in my area.

If you are looking to eat healthier and you have a Whole Foods Market in your area, you are going to want to make use of their website. The website is full of helpful tips on how to prepare healthy meals, and how to eat organic foods on a budget. One lady even submitted a blog post about how she created meals for entire family for one month with groceries bought at Whole Foods for a low $491, which is the USDA monthly thrifty amount for her sized family.

You can also feel good about supporting Whole Foods Market because they do their part to help get rid of poverty in the United States and abroad through their Whole Foods Foundation. In fact, right now they have a contest going on where you can win a trip to India.

Personally, I love the sections of the website that talk about the health benefits of a particular food or product, and then give you tips on how to incorporate that food into your diet. For example, right now on the homepage is an article about almond butter. The article pointed out that almond butter tastes great when swirled into a bowl of oatmeal. I never would have thought of that.

So in conclusion, Whole Foods Market’s website is a great resource to use when researching how to feed a family on a low monthly food budget, using only all-natural foods.