Tell Whole Foods to go fair trade

Tell Whole Foods to go fair trade

How whole can they be when they sell child trafficked food?

Lots of us think that human trafficking is limited to sexual slavery, but in reality, slave hands have touched many of the products we use today, from computers to clothing to chocolate. Make no mistake: children trafficked through slavery rings are the ones who harvest Hershey chocolate. Their hands are considered small enough for the labor, which is free, and when they die, nobody gives a damn. They aren’t paid. They aren’t fed well. And Hershey makes a huge profit.

Stores that sell Hershey products could take a stand against the company until they agree to stop selling unfair trade products; indeed, many have signed on to the letter demanding that Hershey use fair trade chocolate.

Ironically, Whole Foods is not one of these companies. You would think that given their image and their propensity for healthy foods, the store would pressure Hershey to use fair trade chocolate and not support the horrible lives and quick deaths of the children and adult slaves used in the chocolate trade. However, they have yet to even indicate concern.

Click here to tell Whole Foods that slave chocolate isn’t a whole food by any means and that you’d like for them to pressure Hershey to sell only fair trade products starting now.